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Samuel Lefour: Voici une photo de mon martin (en cours de remise en état d'origine: sabot, peinture,détails...). C'est un cadre martin, avec systeme de suspension Ar de type UNI-FLEX martin (suspension à flexibilité variable) de 1984 avec un moteur "boosté" de 1100 GSXR 1989.

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Martin à moteur Suzuki GS1100 (GSX en suède) kité 1198 de Peter Hedman (Suède - Biker66)

Suzuki GSX caréné (M. Hedman - Suède)

Suzuki GSX (M. Hedman - Suède)

Autre photo de la Martin de Peter Hedman sans carénage
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1100 GSX MARTIN - Année 1985 - 49000 KM d'origine - Carte grise Martin N°23

Notre première annonce moto !!

Martin origine Suzuki, moteur 1000 KATANA, Roue arrière et fourche, roue avant Honda

(Moto à vendre sur iBazar en Février 2000)


Photos d'un Martin 1100 GSXR Evolution 2
envoyées par Christophe RICHARD

Un apercu du 1100GSXR de RS-Racing

Annonce IBazar d'Octobre 2001

Annee 87, carte grise martin, 30000 km, moteur 1000 gse suzuki, freins brembo, pneu neuf, peinture perso, amortisseur neuf, bonne état.


Some pics of the Martins GSX of Klein Pascal (F67160 Schleithal, Bas Rhin). He has not yet a computer but a good collection about Martin bikes

Envoyé par /sent by Gerd Lienau

Another GSXR-Martin built from a MK1000 (J) you can find at the site of MS-Bikes

Envoyé par /sent by Gerd Lienau

Here are some pics of the MARTIN I’ve got last.

It was bought last October during my holidays in the black forest near Strasbourg. From a friend I heard that the bike that should be sold in September was still available. We met us at the border near Basel and I bought this bike. (The seller came from Evian les Bains)

It’s a GSX1100 "Martin Original" from 1984 (as you can see by the "carte grise") ; was transformed to a GSX-R between 1990 and 1992 by Georges Martin himself. It has a tuned GSX1100R motor (1127cc /about 150hps), all parts of the GSX-R.

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Gerd Lienau

My father bought this 1983 Martin in 91 from a shop in London for £1500, and it was like new . The shop owner didn,t know what it was hence the good price. It didn,t even have any rub marks on the disks from the pads we guesed it had probably done no more than 1000 miles .

In 93 he gave it a face lift and changed the colour from a dating red white and yellow to a metalic green and red.Then fitted some flat bars and set aside the fairing looking for that new on the sceen streetfighter look.

There wern't many streetfighters then let alone MotoMartin Streetfighters so she was one of a kind you could say. This didn't last long though about a month later we went for a ride with me folowing him along the A40 near Brecon in S.Wales , when the back wheel stepped out on a 90mph right hand bend . This didn,t fech him of but it did put him to the outside of the road where there was a 10 centermeter curbstone sticking out . This could not be avoided and the force of the front and then the rear wheel being pushed up so fast and so far smashed the wheels and bent the bike in half so that it was touching the ground in the middle.